What we wear is an outward expression of our person.  Historically, clothing has been more than utilitarian.  Clothing once defined class and status, demonstrated national pride or opposition, openly rebelled against societal norms and cultural values, and uniquely defines all generations.  What we wear should say something about who we are.  Whether it is for a formal event, a pageant, a dance performance or an anime convention, our clothing should make us feel comfortable and confident.


I have 20 + years experience sewing garments.  I love Victorian Fashion and corsetry which translates beautifully into the corsetry required in ballet costumes.  I also love all things sparkly and beautiful.  I enjoy sketching designs for clients and making them come to life.  I believe that nobody is a “normal” size and that all women could use some tailoring to make their garments fit better or custom clothing made just for them.  Seeing happy customers confident in what they are wearing is my passion.


Rena Pearson